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About Us

Hawkerstown as a family-owned business that opened a luxury store in January 2018, we have an eye to the future in all we do because we think that sustainable success demands unwavering devotion and food, beauty products & fragrances are one of those commodities that no one wants to compromise.

Hawkerstown only stock and market goods that we believe we can use and consume ourselves. The best indigenous brands and items are kept for this reason, and we also source goods from throughout the globe. The goal is to deliver the highest-quality goods from the most renowned, innovative, and quality brands in industries as diverse as chocolates, cookies, snacks, tea & coffee, beverages, dips & sauces, dry fruits, spices, cereals, deodorants & perfumes, healthy snacks, special Hand-Crafted Perfumes by our own brand Rosana special food stuff for vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free commodities & in addition to above we cater corporate clients, event companies as Corporate Gifts, Hampers and regular office supplies too - to establish the reputation of Hawkerstown as a trustworthy community

Hawkerstown also provide considerable value by interacting with these businesses in modern, potent, poignant, and emotional ways that forge enduring bonds based on loyalty and mutual trust. This is made possible by our innate customer-centric approach and unrelenting pursuit of perfection. our decades of expertise enable us to embrace and promote innovative, forward-thinking business practises and seamlessly integrate those into our company DNA and people-first attitude while retaining the principle of integrity within a culture of collaboration.

Achievement : Our strategy is to constantly add new products. In the past six years, Hawkerstown has served 500 business houses and surpassed the threshold of over 25000 pleased consumers across all of India.